Persuasive Essay On Mass Shootings

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Mass shooting: a single episode of gun violence in which at least several people are injured or killed (Rosen). After the shooting at Sandy Hook, the United States of America said never again, yet America regularly has mass shootings. In the Constitution of the United States, the 2nd Amendment protects citizens’ right to bear arms. As this right has been protected, mass shootings have continued to happen with no gun control laws to stop them. There are many countries, unlike America, who has had mass shootings decrease because of gun control laws. Some of these countries are Canada, Australia, and Japan. Although Americans may argue that gun control laws repress their right to the 2nd Amendment, Canada has gun laws that decrease gun-related mass-shootings and the citizens are still able to own guns. In December 1989, a gunman walked into Montreal engineering school, killed fourteen students, and injured over a dozen others with a semiautomatic rifle. This incident was one of the pushing forces for the 1995 Firearms Act. With the current laws in Canada, there are many things someone must do to acquire a gun. First, the gun owner must be at least eighteen. Then, the owner must figure out what class of weapon the gun is. A non-restricted weapon includes rifles and shotguns. Restricted weapons include handguns and semiautomatic rifles or shotguns. Someone wanting a restricted firearm must obtain a federal registration certificate. A prohibited weapon includes automatic guns and

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