Persuasive Essay On Medical Errors

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We live in a culture of denial, shame, and guilt towards medical professionals that make errors in the medical field. These areas of errors can be wrong side surgery, medicine dose, wrong diagnosis, or accidentally death. These medical professionals do not do these things on purpose. They are human just like everyone else. Medical professionals see up to forty different people at their busy days. Especially, when in the emergency room, when people are in so much pain it might be hard to figure out what is really wrong. After a medical error happens medical professionals are shamed into not talking or even bring up their errors to patients, patients family, co-workers, and into the society. Medical professional is to be perfect, but how if they’re human. No human is perfect. The only way to figure out and to get over the denial, shame, and guilt due to medical errors to talk about and not hide it. As a society we need to accept doctors and other medical professions to admit to making medical errors, to prevent and understand medical errors in the future.
Frist, let’s look at how many mistakes can happen. From wrong side surgery, medicine dose, wrong diagnosis, delays in abnormal test, hand washing, infections, and accidentally death can occur. Why? Because doctors and medical professionals are human. They see up to 40 patients a day in the emergency room and the doctor’s office. These patients just cannot say “Hello, doctor my throat is hurting. I know for a fact I have strep throat. Can you give me this antibiotics for the pain?” or the doctor just by looking at you can tell what you have. We’re not robots or perfect people. So, the doctor has to ask multiple questions and run test which can take hours and days. Then run to the elevator and take the 3rd floor. Run down the hall to see the next patient. Then right before the doctor walks through the hall a new patient cannot breathe which is more important than the patient that seems stable. The doctor has to drop everything to go see that patients. Then the nurse says the samples for about five patients are done when the nurse sees the doctor. The doctor would get so overwhelmed and forget what is going on. It’s like getting confronted by over forty cereal

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