Persuasive Essay On Medical Marijuana

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Marijuana is a topic that is often brought up these days and the real question is; is marijuana good for you or bad for you? Cannabis often referred to bud, pot, Mary Jane and Kush is an herb that can be naturally grown anywhere in this world. In the article “Historical timeline” it states “English men brought marijuana into the United States after the Spanish brought it into the world in the 16th century...English men brought marijuana to Jamestown and first settled there” (19). However, Tobacco had been already a major crop and weed was added to that supply list. In the article “historical timeline” it explains “Marijuana was used as a pharmaceutical drug from 1850 to 1936” (43). Around the 1930’s the government believed that the use of marijuana caused insanity and criminal activities. In today’s society weed is used to receive the “high” feeling. Weed in the United States is used for mainly partying and many idiotic actions. The United States should legalize marijuana because if used correctly, it can be extremely beneficial and treat dreadful symptoms.
The herb marijuana should be legalized. All around the United States, there are many people suffering from chronic diseases. Medical marijuana would be tremendously beneficial for those who have serious bad health issues. Medical marijuana could fight Alzheimer’s if used properly and not for substance abuse. Weed helps cure Alzheimer’s because of the (THC) in the weed. In the article “7 ways of cannabis” it states “THC
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