Persuasive Essay On Medical Marijuana

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Medical uses of cannabis date back to ancient Egypt, China and India. (Marijuana and Cancer para.2) I sit here at my computer desk, wondering where to begin on such a serious debate. I have been researching for this paper for all most a month now. I would like to start with an Irish physician named William Brooke. He popularized Medical marijuana in the west. In, 1830 he was introduced to medicine while abroad in India. Since then cannabis was entered into the United States Pharmacopeia in 1850. (Marijuana and Cancer para.3) Some of marijuana’s uses were for, Alcoholism, opiate addiction, gout, insanity, and excessive menstrual bleeding. In Israel cannabis has taken off in research, they have legal medical marijuana studies. Study show two hundred cancer patients found that cannabis led to significant improvements with all cancer treatments and Cancer treatment related studies. (Tens Ways Marijuana Can Help Cancer Patients para.3) If cancer patients can consume cannabis and say if helps with side effects tremendously in chemotherapy, shouldn’t we use this to our benefit? Cancer patients should have the rights to use Medical marijuana in every state.
In the 19th century you could walk into a grocery store and purchase cannabis. The price was low compared to what a pharmacy charged for synthetic drugs the sold. Back then marijuana could be sold in tincture form also known as green dragon. (Marijuana and Cancer para.2) What is that you say? It is an alcohol extract of
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