Persuasive Essay On Memory Cycle

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Oh no, your bicycle has a loose gear! You must wait for the Department of Bicycle Repairs to come and fix it. Have a memory of fixing a bicycle? If so, you can do it yourself, and save the hassle of waiting for them to come. Skip your next turn if you don’t have the memory.
Your family temporarily cares a sick newchild, who you have bonded with for over a year. Now, what if you found out the newchild was going to get released the following morning? Have a memory of death? If so, with your understanding of what will happen to the child, you can devise a plan, and try to save the newchild’s life. If you don’t have the memory card, then the poor baby got released, and you must put all your memory cards in the discard pile.
You got caught riding your sibling’s bicycle before you turned nine! Go back one space.
On your journey to Elsewhere, it begins to snow. You are freezing to death and all you have is a jacket to keep you, and the baby you are with warm. Have a memory of sunshine? If so, you can use the memory to give warmth for a short amount of time for the both of you. If you don’t have this memory, then the both of you will freeze to death.
You accidentally fly a jet full of cargo over the community! You got a release strike for breaking the rule. Keep this card to keep track of how many strikes you get. Three strikes to get released.
When you were working at the Nurturing Center, you took a sneak peek at the naming list before it got publicly announced. However, since
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