Persuasive Essay On Mental Health

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“Healthy citizens are the greatest assets any country can have.” Winston Churchill. One would think that the state of mental health in any given place should then be high, or strive to become high. However, this is not the case for the state of Iowa. Iowa was recently ranked second to last in a study to show which state had the best “mental health”. (Justin) Even after this news, very little has changed to excel or improve the health of our state. Iowa’s mental state should become a priority, and the government as well as the citizens should strive to recover and revamp the current mental health system. By providing more options to get help and more facilities dedicated to mental health, Iowa would become more efficient and a greater asset to our country. Nearly 23% (137,000) of Iowans have serious or chronic mental illnesses. (Kathie) However, there are only 64 “state mental hospital beds” and slightly more than 650 “private beds”. (Kathie Justin) Although not all of these Iowans will need to be hospitalized, the option is almost nonexistent. For every 190 Iowans suffering from a mental illness, there is only one bed. This is not nearly close enough ratio to effectively provide the care needed. There are other options to available to get help, but the current system in place has innumerable flaws that need to be addressed. Larry Iddings, a Senior Psychiatric Rehabilitation Practitioner at Broadlawns Medical Center, knows the struggle of the current system very well. One
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