Persuasive Essay On National Security

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Today, Canadian’s lives today are as translucent as ever. Most organizations especially the government constantly watches each and every one of our moves. From driving to the shopping mall to withdrawing money from the ATM machine, Canadians are being watched constantly. With Canada’s commitment to advance technology and infrastructure in the 1960s, government surveillance is much easier and much more prevalent than it was hundreds of years ago. Even as early as 1940s, the Dominion Bureau of Statistics used punch cards and machines to determine who is available for conscription in the military. Several ethnicity groups such as the Germans, the Italians, the Japanese, the Chinese and the Indians were removed from the military. Today, with the advancement of information technology such as the internet and high speed security cameras, access to personal information by the government has never been much easier. For instance, airport security now uses finger printing, cameras, and electronic devices in passports that did not exist in the 1990s. For the majority of Canadians, this is a concern because it goes directly against their rights to freedom and privacy. For example, more than half of Canadians in 2012 said that they are against police and intelligence services acquiring information on Canadians on social media sites. Two-third of Canadians in the same year did not agree to the statement “police and intelligence agencies should have more powers to ensure security even if
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