Persuasive Essay On Net Neutrality

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When people use the internet, they tend to take the content displayed and loading times for granted. Internet service providers want to make a profit on what people take for granted. Many people in today’s society may not have heard of net neutrality or what it truly stands for. When net neutrality is in place, the internet is an open road at constant speed. This open road contains no accidents and no slow lanes. The method one person engages with any sort of content should be the same method everyone engages with any other content. Large internet service providers and senators want to slow down the speeds of everyday users and create fast lanes for users who pay extra to access the sites they enjoy using (Brodkin). While allowing internet service providers to slow down the speeds of users who are not highly active may save the ISPs money, net neutrality should be globally supported and considered becoming a law because without it, speeds to certain sites will be limited, content will be limited, and costs overall will rise. Many people cannot tolerate slow internet speeds and often become annoyed when their content does not load in the timeframe that they expect. If net neutrality does not become a law, individuals who do not pay the extra money for the ‘fast lanes’ will receive their content at an even slower rate than before.

In an article, University of Toledo Law Review writes, “Comcast’s solution to this problem was to limit or block these peer-to-peer providers

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