Persuasive Essay On Nutrition In Schools

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From my experiences with high school education, no topics were specific with nutrition and obesity related diseases. I did not have any nutrition education about food and health until I took this nutrition class and I feel as my friends are in the same position as I was in, coming out of high school and barely know anything about nutrients. We grew up in generations with McDonalds and Taco bell constantly being promoted, with catchy phrases to beg our parents to go eat there. Our schools served Wednesday Alfy’s Pizza and had nuggets with fries as an option every day in high school. When we got home many of our parents were constantly working and the convenience of these fast. I do believe that many people do have a little understanding what these foods do to your body or continue to eat these foods for the convenience. If the government was to put relations on these foods there would be a decrease on diet related diseases. If the government prohibited the sale of unhealthy foods in schools, children would be getting a larger percentage of healthy foods at school. If the news cast reported the deaths of diet related diseases instead of homicide every day, I think Americans would better judgement on the food they are eating. Education in America would be that more efficient if we did have regulations on the food that can be sold at schools. All schools should only provide nutritional foods and water. To be healthy, should have not been a trend in school whereas, it
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