Persuasive Essay On Obamacare

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Obamacare is one of the most talked about and debated issues of the century. Republicans want it repealed. Democrats want it to thrive. It’s effectiveness is not determined by politics, but by positive results. The vision of Obamacare is to provide healthcare for all Americans. The legislation provides the tools and framework to allow this ambitious goal of Obamacare to be met. Now, three years after its start date, it’s clear these goals are well on the way to being achieved. Obviously, in a free society, there will be those who disagree and will not sign up for healthcare for various reasons. Despite these people who disagree, the vast majority of Americans are now insured. Obamacare is effective because it expands overall health benefits, provides coverage for millions, and helps the economy, allowing Americans to be healthier, live longer, and out of medical debt. The primary purpose of Obamacare is to provide access to healthcare to all Americans. Since it was implemented three years ago, it has succeeded in adding many Americans to the roles of the insured. In addition, the insurance provided is not a watered down version of health care. Each person insured is guaranteed a minimum of 10 essential health benefits.
The 10 essential health benefits were carefully crafted to insure that Americans receive quality health care. The 10 essential benefits are ambulatory patient services (outpatient services), emergency services, hospitalization, maternity and

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