Persuasive Essay On Obesity

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Americans have a reputation for careless eating, and because of this there are more obese people in America now more than ever before. Obesity affects many people in the world. It is possibly one of society's biggest issue today. Every year multiple people die of cancer, diabetes, or heart disease because of a poor diet The number of calories people are consuming today is higher than it was 20 years ago, and that is because of the increase of sugar, fat, and sodium in food. Everywhere you go food is easily available for example shopping centers, cinema and sport stadium and it is advertised on television every day for 24 hours. With so many people with health problems in the world the matter has to be discussed. It is a common misunderstanding that food decisions are entirely a matter of personal responsibility. Yes, adults are responsible for what they put in their mouths. They are also responsible for what they feed their children. But it is the American food industry who provides the food, determine the cost, and determine what goes in the food. People are not to blame solely for America's bad eating habit because people are hugely influenced by the price of food, the location and the advertisements.
The lower class and some middle class in the United States suffer from measurably worse nutrition because they have such limited access to a healthy and fresh meal. It is correct that eating well improves your overall health, shape and reduces the risk of chronic illness,
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