Persuasive Essay On Obesity

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Imagine someone going through what feels like a war about what they should and shouldn’t be eating. Imagine going through the tough problem of choosing between listening to your stomach growling practically forcing you to eat , or listening to your mind telling you that what you are doing is wrong and unhealthy. This is the definition of obesity. So many young American children are diagnosed with this disease because of eating unhealthy foods in large portions, and not getting enough exercises. Obesity does more than just increase the numbers on a weight scale, but can lower the confidence of so many children. Humiliation. Ashamed. But most of all, guilt. How could they let this happen to them? These are just some of the many emotions that those diagnosed with obesity feel. Eating for those with obesity feels like a drug. They don't control it ─ there mind does. It is as much a physical disease as a mental disease. Children with obesity should NOT be consumed with what they are consuming, and instead, they should learn proper eating habits and different ways to bring exercise into their life. It's the colorful, processed food that lines every aisle in food stores that are a danger to the United States youth. Artificial colors, sweeteners, and flavors are in so many of the everyday foods that we eat constantly. Eating these types of severely sugary foods and not exercising and burning the calories will result in the calories becoming body fat. It is extremely crucial that

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