Persuasive Essay On Obesity

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Everyone in America wants to be happy with their weight. Everyone wants to be healthy. Americans want to meet their ideal weight and keep it, but with reservations. Many researchers and health policy experts who work at the local, federal and state level are sounding the warning about the severe obesity epidemic in the United States. The relationship between unhealthy eating habits, little exercise, and continuation of the disregard of the oncoming epidemic has created harmful effects that not only affect one person, but America as a whole. Recently, methods to deter this epidemic have become more evident. Educating the public about this epidemic and how it affects them is especially important because researchers have little to no knowledge of what the public thinks about obesity and its policies. Warning the public about the various diseases and disorders obesity is associated with should rally more support for the policies, and perhaps encourage people take things more seriously. In fact, officials say practicing obesity prevention should begin at birth. Monitoring an infant's diet, and family based interventions can help steer a child into the right direction, as their diet behaviors mimic adult behaviors. After childhood, special initiatives should be taken such as bans on sugary foods and zoning to help teens and adults maintain their goal weights. Policy interventions such as these affect everyone, and can slow down America’s eating or maybe even change what America
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