Persuasive Essay On Obesity

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Obesity is an epidemic in the United States that comes with many health problems. The Center for Disease and Control stated that in adults in the U.S. alone, more than 36.5% of adults are obese (“Adult Obesity Facts”). Although fast food chains are everywhere, it is not the food industry’s fault that people are deciding to eat junk food. People will claim that fast food chains encourage one to consume unhealthy foods, it all comes down in the moment that it is the individual’s choice to consume unhealthy foods. Although people will perceive fast food chains being everywhere, people can educate themselves on what is in their food and how to make healthy and educational choices. People should educate themselves to make healthy choices so that in the future they could pass it down to the future generations. A study was conducted by Indiana University that “if an individual lives near a fast food joint, it increases weight in children as opposed to if one were to live near a supermarket, it would have the opposite effect and decrease weight.” (“Fast Food not Weighty Problem for Kids”). Parents can educate their children on what goes inside their food, so eventually their kids can also make healthy choices. Why go to a fast food chain where the food is doused in grease? Enviromental is a factor towards obesity- effects on body mass- it can be the opening or closing of a store, or the installation of a playground or public trail (“Fast Food not Weight Problem for Kids”).

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