Persuasive Essay On Ocean Fishing

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The first time I started to fish was while I was a little kid. Fishing off the docks with a bobber and a worm. The simply dropping the bait into the water waiting patiently for the fish to bite, and pulling up a tiny bluegill. Watching my Dad casting far into the water with ease and reel in a bass. Seeing that and inspired to be that good one day. As I grow up and started to learning how to cast I was still working with a basic rod and reel. Practicing on casting over the head and from the side. Seeing the bait fly into the trees and missing my spots. Then finally casting just where you aimed you seeing all the practice pay off. Picking out the right bait can be hard you need to know what the lake will be like. A Bunch of factors can go into what bait you should use. Like water temperature, if the water is…show more content…
It evolves into an extreme sport. It takes a lot of equipment. Starts with a boat, we use fishing kayaks. This keeps you close to the water but also a bigger risk to fall overboard. This past year paddling out past the waves I tipped over in the water, and had to gather my sinking poles. You also need a smaller pole to catch your bait fish and after than you need a larger pole to troll your fish behind you while you paddle.
You need to be in decent shape to kayak fish in the ocean. There will always be wind and a current pulling you in different directions. Once you paddle out past the waves and find the bait you drop down your line. Pull up the little bait fish and hook him quickly on your other pole before he dies.
Now you paddle until you hear your poles drag being zipped from the reel. Turn around and grab your pole but be careful before you start and reel in. You don’t want to break the line. Losing a fish is a terrible feeling. You need the fish to tire itself out before you reel it in. Also letting it tire out before it gets to your boat makes it easier for you to pick it up and less
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