Persuasive Essay On Online School

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Should online school continue? What is so wonderful that it presents? So many students are turning to digital courses for their education, leaving many people frazzled, chin rubbing, blatantly seeking why? As shown through a recent study conducted in early 2016, one in four students take an online course, and the numbers are increasing. Online schools are growing in popularity, causing numerous amounts of schools to turn to internet-based courses. Why? Despite how some may argue that it's harder for students to receive help and more challenging, in an online school, students are taught how to have self reliance, be their own cheerleader and they present a larger variety of options to learn from. Via this, online schooling is an effective system and should continue. To launch off, there will always be people who argue that it’s harder for students to work with an online school.“Online schooling will always have it's critics.” (Barker); regardless, this doesn’t mean that it’s a terrible-death at every corner-curriculum. Similar to any movie, many people will enjoy or love it well others ferociously abhor it-there is no in-between. Furthermore, online school is an effective system through the easy access (teachers are online, other sources for help, it can be mobile, etc.) for it's students as well as the seemingly unlimited sources of knowledge. Since it is taught online, the teachers have more data to work with that public school’s do not. This gives the teachers a chance
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