Persuasive Essay On Organic Food

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The “Best” Organic Foods You Should NEVER Eat: The Nine Worst Exposed

How do you feel about your diet? It stresses me out to hear that so many people are feeling guilty about every choice they make. To be clear, it’s not because most of them don’t know what to look for. It’s because they later read someone else’s assessment of that food item.

This Information Age may make us wiser in many areas. But as it pertains to food, it’s kind of a curse, too. It seems like there are few foods out there that are “good” and “clean” enough.

In fact, you can find numerous sources, both pro and con, which frame the exact same food in different ways. Is it disease-causing, healing, nutritionally empty, or the magic bullet for weight loss? It all depends on who you ask.

Today we’re talking about a word with a lot of allure: organic. What does it mean, and where does it count? Does it even count at all? Moreover, can we trust that a product is healthy because it’s organic? Read on to see organic food’s secrets exposed!

Pesticides, Produce, and Organic Labelling

Organic foods are not genetically modified and are not grown with sewage, petroleum, or most synthetic pesticides. Yes, that means that all of the above can be utilized in producing non-organic food. On its face, going organic seems obviously preferential.

But all-organic, all the time, isn’t easy for most people. Maybe you’ve heard of the Dirty Dozen. Or perhaps, you stick to the Clean Fifteen. For the uninitiated, these
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