Persuasive Essay On Organic Food

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If you live in the US and eat commonly found food, you are most likely consuming foods that are genetically modified (GM), whether you like it or not. If you never have wondered where the origin of the food you choose to consume on a daily basis, it is time to start understanding how important knowing where your food comes from. “A genetically modified organism is a new version of a plant or animal that is created by altering genes using biotechnology” (What Is a GMO?). Most of the food found on the market today in America is GM. People have a common misconception of the safety of GMOS because the FDA makes statements that GMO’s are nothing to worry about, and that it is perfectly healthy to intake food that is artificially made. This is where the corruption of knowledge occurs because the FDA leaves the safety testing up to same companies that creates GMOs, these companies create tests that hide the true facts of the dangers, in order gain profit from consumers. Independent 3rd party research that is not sponsored by these corrupt companies, will verify that food found with GMOs are not even nearly as safe as certified organic food. Organic food is food that has been produced in an organic method that uses organic fertilizers, non toxic herbicides, proper soil planting, and do not use GMOs. Organic food will also provide more nutrition than GM foods, which is crucial due to the lack of nutrients in today average person.
“GMO’s have been proven to cause cancer, harm the
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