Persuasive Essay On Owning A Dog

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Many men, women, families, and roommates have some kind of dog as a pet, but what else can dogs be rather than just a companion? Studies show that when owning a dog it reduces stress. Yes stress! Not only does owning a dog reduce stress but it can prevent heart disease and high blood pressure. It’s healthier for everyone to have a dog because having someone to be there for people gives comfort, prevents sadness or depression and loneliness. Even though dogs can just be pets, they can also have important jobs like guide dogs, search and rescue dogs, and war dogs. When owning a dog, studies show that more people that own dogs have less doctor visits and miss less days at work. It also motivates people to be more active in society and become social. People with a lot of energy tend to buy or adopt a dog. There are so many dogs that have just as important jobs as humans. Many people adopt dogs for their disabilities. Some common jobs for dogs include guide dogs, therapy dogs, war dogs, and search and rescue. A couple less common jobs are herding, acting dogs, hunting, sled, and dogs who are trained to detect seizures. Dogs can not only find bombs and weapons but also bedbugs said one book (Hare page 116) It’s very common to be allergic to dogs and their fur, but the more someone that does have dog allergies, are around them the more their body becomes immune to the hair and anything else that causes allergic reactions. Owning a dog and putting it into a young child's life can
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