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For years pedophiles have been discriminated against because of their sexual interest. Many of them are ashamed and are left to struggle with their urges alone. The lack of health services provided for pedophiles is a social issue that draws great concern to me and I personally believe more services should be advocated for these individuals. Those who identify as pedophiles are often associated with sex offenders even though pedophilia is a mental disorder, not a crime. Moreover, these individuals who identify as a pedophile are not criminals until they choose to commit a crime because of their urges. According to the DSMV, in order to be diagnosed as a pedophile the urges must be recurrent, must have intense sexually arousing fantasies, sexual…show more content…
According to Körner, Granger, Brunet, and Caspar these discussions must aim at helping the patient “develop greater motivation for change” The treatment program should include social skills training, sexual education, and relapse prevention. These services should available to pedophiles because this helps these individuals reduce the probability of acting on their sexual urges and allows them to gain confidence to talk about their urges without living in fear. Initiating these services will be the first step in changing their lives. Impacting the lives of others and creating change in our society is what I strive to do each and every day, which is the general reason why I would like to obtain a Master’s Degree in Social…show more content…
During these visits my colleagues and I taught students how to keep their bodies safe, how to talk to a trusted adult if they ever felt unsafe, as well as teaching the students the definition of consent. Prior to this course I was required to complete a 40 hour crisis training which allowed me to become more active with the Rape Advocacy Counseling Education Services Center. After working closely with this agency I made the decision to become an active volunteer on the rape crisis hotline. Working with this company was indeed challenging, but volunteering with this company gave me the confidence and reassurance that pursuing a career social work is the right path for me. Within the same year I participated with a volunteer group entitled Peer Recruitment Program. This program is sponsored through the Chicago Satellite Office for the University of Illinois’s Department of Undergraduate Admissions. Gratefully, I talked with students from the Chicagoland area about my experiences as a student at the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign. I found volunteering with the Chicago Satellite Office rewarding since I was able to share my personal story with the students in hopes that they would be inspired to apply to the University of

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