Persuasive Essay On Pencils

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School. What a wonderful place, right? Full of learning, fun, friends, and... Notes. Lectures. Tests. Homework. Sleeping during a lecture while taking notes. More homework. Studying for tests. And... All of the the above. Again. On a daily basis. When we all of things we’d much rather be doing with our time. But the sad fact of life is that this is our life, so we’re going to need a tool to help us get the job done right. The first time. The one tool we can use to take those notes and tests, to find that “x”, and to write those short answer responses to perfection. But then their are options. You’ve got pens in all colors, shapes, and sizes, pencils to match those numbers, markers ranging from scented to Sharpie©, heck, we even write and…show more content…
I believe this reason stems from forms of attachment, which can be explained best via a little psychology. Many of the psychological reasons for loving both pen’s and pencil’s are almost exactly the same. We develop attachment’s with objects as a way to build up our identity to the outside world, which starts at a very young age. We develop attachments to objects at a very young age as a way to lessen the challenges and stress of growing up and separating from the parent, and these objects are known as transitional objects. These objects often remind the child of their mother, whom is one of the first people they develop and attachment to, which is huge while the mother is away and they might otherwise panic. It is not completely uncommon for teens to use these objects well most have stopped and they are not worrying that their mother has fallen of the face of the earth, as about 22.6% of teens do. Full disclosure, I am one of those teens, as I recently repaired a fraying edge on my blanket. Childhood comfort objects are the most obvious example of people’s attachment to objects, others can be found in people’s attachment to family heirlooms, or objects given to them by significant others. When you think of the reasons why people would develop attachments to these objects, the reasons above are often the ones people think of, another way to people can become attached to objects
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