Persuasive Essay On Personal Wellness

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Personal wellness is a focus that runs through everybody’s heads at some point in their life. Whether you are a lean cut athlete or if you are an overweight individual personal wellness is something that should be a focus in your life. Having good health and a good body image contains the ability to make you feel better, make you have more confidence, and most of all can change your life. Personal wellness can be broken down in these five things: healthy body image, regular participation in physical activity, positive nutritional habits, appropriate amount of sleep and rest, and management of stress. If you address these five things, then you are on your way to a better more attractive life. In todays society body image is everything, if you are an attractive fit person than you are held on a sort of pedestal. Have you noticed the vast majority of famous people are lean attractive people? I believe that society plays a roll in peoples struggles of body image. When you go to a store and look at a magazine do you see a large, obese person on the cover? No, you see an attractive, model-type citizen and I this leads to people feeling bad about themselves. You don’t have to be perfect like they make these people seem but body image is a huge factor in life. When you go to the store and look for healthier, fresh foods they tend to be more expensive than the processed foods that are a bother to your diet, I believe this is a big factor in the problem with obesity in our country.
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