Persuasive Essay On Pet Safety

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Drivers who have kids probably remember learning about the latest safety guidelines for car seats, and maybe the experience of struggling to install one correctly. But have you given the same kind of careful thought to the safe transportation of your four-legged family members? This can be difficult, as there's a shortage of reliable information about risks and best practices when you need to bring your pet on the road. Here are some important tips to keep your furry loved ones safe. Choose Restraints Carefully While safety agencies only began testing pet restraints in 2013, those tests have yielded findings worth paying attention to. In an accident, a pet can become a projectile, endangering the animal, driver, and passengers. Look for harnesses, restraints, and cages with crash test ratings, as that means they've been tested. For up-to-date information on pet safety testing and product ratings, check out the Center for Pet Safety.…show more content…
In a larger vehicle, like an SUV, you may be able to install a pet barrier that attaches directly to the vehicle frame for added stability.…show more content…
Turn off or lock power windows so a misplaced paw doesn't create a dangerous situation. Even dogs who are used to sticking their heads out the window are prone to jumping if tempted or scared. If your pet is older, consider buying or building a ramp or steps to help him or her get in and out of the car easily. Put down weatherproof floor liners to protect the interior from spills and
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