Persuasive Essay On Planting A Plant

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What is it that made me, a young but extremely rich Italiano, start gardening? Let’s just say a little plant that wanted to be seen on live TV sparked my interest.
I was watching the NSBF finals, or National Snow Ball Fight finals, when I noticed something in the middle of the shot. It was a small plant, nothing big but it was still a plant, in freezing temperatures in New York City! I thought this was amazing and wanted to see it for myself. I’m not really a plant guy , and because I knew nothing about the type of plant that was there I figured I would plant some basil, but I would need to do some research first.
For the next three days and nights I ended up staying awake drinking coffee, taking pictures of the plant, filming how it moved, and Googling things about plants and basil. I ended up falling asleep on the third night when I ran out of coffee, and I didn’t wake up until 6:00P.M. the next day! I decided I would start planting tomorrow, so I got even more sleep and was ready the next day. As I planted my basil, I laughed when I thought of a story about a young Vietnamese ragazza that started a community garden. After I planted, I felt like I had accomplished something and relaxed the rest of the day.
A few weeks after I planted the basil, I found out other people had also been planting there too. One day some guy was staring at our community garden and I invited him into the garden. We ended up talking for awhile and now we are good friends and he plants melons near
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