Persuasive Essay On Plastic Bag Recycling

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Plastic bag recycling would bring great benefits to our planet earth, but it takes the support of citizens to promote this. A town "Gulftowne" (Jones 1) is being persistantly serious about making it mandatory to have shoppers use reusable bags in place of plastic and or paper bags. First of all, by using "reusable shopping bags" (Jones 1) it would majorly help by avoiding some of the littering and threaten of wildlife. Second of all, the "Cutting down trees to make paper greatly dimishes our forests" (Jones 2). However, "Gulftowne rely on tourists to make a living." (Jones 7) and did not think beyond the grocery stores when considering this proposterous ordinance. In addition to this, the price and maintence needed to keep up with reusable bas would have to be taken into consideration as well. According to Jones …show more content…

For instance, what about the small business? Such as a gift shop. Tourists buy small items like figurines that don't require a reusable bags or will these be in all sizes?. "Many vacation purchases fit into bags no larger than an envelope." (Jones 8) Therefore, considering to make this ordinance mandatory would make abosolutely no sense. While the canvas man-made reusable bags are excellent idea to comply and provide great care of our environment, other major factors would have be taken into consideration. The fact that "Eventually the purchase of resusable bags is more cost-effective." (Jones 4) It would also be taken an extra cost for those that own small business. To conclude, "If this ordinance goes into effect" (Jones 11) Gulftwne better have all their set of rules and regulation in order. Also, have into prespective on how they will also provide these reusable bags to those that are not able to afford them and with time, to also be able to replace at little to no

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