Persuasive Essay On Plastic Bags

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A pile of plastic bags sits on the floor from the last shopping trip. A trip that consisted of long lines and other customers' screaming children that needed their nap. What do you do with the bags? Maybe throwing them away would be easy, but why waste those hard-earned plastic bags if you could do something with them? If you make your monstrous pile of bags into a rope, they won't be wasted. A rope can be used for many things including tug-of-war, tire swing, etc.
If you want to start a project, it would be good to have the materials. You will need heaps of plastic grocery bags in order to make a rope from them. The exact number of bags depends on how long you want your rope to be. You will also need scissors. When you start the project, you will need some floor space.
Now that you have all of your materials, you can start preparing to make the rope. Take nine bags and lay them on the floor next to you. Now pick up one bag. There should be a seam under each of the handles of the bag. Find both seams. If there are no seams, then the next part will be a little more difficult.
For this part, you can either use your hands or pick up your scissors. Rip or cut at the top of the seam under the plastic bag's handles and continue down to the base of the bag. Do NOT cut the base of the bag. Cutting it will weaken your rope and make it harder to work with the plastic. Now that you have finished one side of the bag, do the same for the other side of the bag. Once this is done,
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