Persuasive Essay On Plastic Surgery

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American’s spent nearly $16 billion dollars on cosmetic surgery last year. Plastic surgery, also known as cosmetic surgery is a process of reconstructing or repairing different parts of the human body. The first ever documented plastic surgery was a breast augmentation in 1895, the first implant was made out of paraffin, beeswax, and vegetable oil. Plastic surgery for the future of humanity will be bigger and the new advancements will affect it in a negative manner. Even though the advancements will be new and bigger, the treatments will be more dangerous, and much more expensive as the technology and clientele grows. Plastic surgery has been making a dent in our wallets and our self esteem, plastic surgery claims to enhance the beauty of different body parts, but in reality it lowers your self esteem as people see images of others with plastic surgery and aspire to be just like the people they see on billboards, movie screens, social media, and magazine covers, but in reality its all plastic. Anyone who decides to go under the knife has a risk of dying, but some people would rather risk their own life than have a crooked nose. To begin, plastic surgery will have expanded majorly. This will have a huge impact on humanity, from our self esteem to our wallets. Men and Women all over the world have been getting plastic surgery since late 1800’s. The first ever documented legal plastic surgery was to correct a woman’s breast asymmetry. About four million young Chinese people
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