Persuasive Essay On Police Brutality

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Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, Rodney King, these men were all victims of police brutality. Police brutality in these situations was due to racial separation. Police have always used their badges as a sign of superiorness. Brutality in the justice system has been going on for years, but in recent years police brutality has become the center of attention. Many victims of police brutality have been filmed getting killed, which means that there is actual evidence. Police brutality is becoming a new normal is the justice system and it must be stopped by monitoring what these men in uniforms are doing on the job.
The big question surrounding police brutality is, why does it occur? Cassandra Chaney took a quote from two men in her journal entitled Journal of African American Studies that says, “More specifically, the authors posit that most Whites believe that Blacks are disproportionately inclined to engage in criminal behavior and are the deserving on harsh treatment by the criminal justice system”(Chaney 484). For decades now, African Americans have been taking the blame for why things happen to them. In most cases African Americans are not the ones to blame. They are simple the best choice to point fingers at because they are the minority. Police brutality has been in America since slavery came about. Police brutality can be summed up as police in the justice system who mistreat members of the community, especially the minority. Police brutality is not just killing African

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