Persuasive Essay On Police Brutality

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Let’s Make America Great For Once “A young nigga got it bad ‘cause I'm brown, and not the other color, so police think, they have the authority to kill a minority. F*ck that Sh*t cause I ain’t the one.” (NWA, 1988). Today’s police brutality is ridiculous. Police brutality is the use of excessive and/or unnecessary force by police when dealing with civilians. Every other week a loved black citizen is taken away from us. Over the past decade, police have acted out in ways that have made people wonder if our officers of the law are really doing their job. Unjustified shootings, severe beatings, fatal chokings, and rough treatment have all contributed to the ever-present problem of police brutality in America. Police brutality refers to the…show more content…
I couldn't do anything but try to comfort my daughter who was scared and crying and my boyfriend who had 7 wounds and was bleeding all over. The officer that pulled us over, Jeronimo Yanez, claimed he feared for his life. If you are a officer your life is on the line everyday you put on that uniform. It was on the line the day you thought about becoming an officer. It seems as if today's Police are out to kill our black men. Police are killing innocent men in front of children, in front of other citizens, in broad daylight just anywhere and just getting away with it. This isn't the first nor the last situation where a police officer has killed a citizen in cold blood. Police brutality has been going on for decades. Back in 1988 the rap group NWA came out with a hit song called F*ck The Police. In the song the rapper(s) state real life actions the police were doing to young black teenagers and men in their communities. It’s not only that these officers are making us scared but we’re nervous. It’s also not just white cops there hispanics, blacks, latinos all races are turning on their own kind but for what ? There are many things we can do to stop this hatred between our officers and civilians. Police officers could do more training, sometimes everyone needs a little more understanding.Police must be routinely and randomly tested for steroids and other illegal drugs, not saying that officers are on drugs but it would be very nice if they had random
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