Persuasive Essay On Political Correctness

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As long as I can remember I have been taught to be as “politically correct” as possible. There is words that as kids we are typically taught not to use. Words such as “retarded”, “queer”, or “freak”. Of course in society people do not typically use these, but sometimes terms like this that are used to refer to people of a specific race, gender, sexuality, or mind-set; can be deemed “derogatory”. From this then spawns the use of these words as insults. In a sudden strive of our generation to be all-inclusive, and completely accepting, “political correctness” has been a stressed ideal. In fact, the term has been so far overused it is now even used as an insult. It has become a symbol for liberal cowardice or caution, because of the extreme overuse (Gibson). So where is the hypothetical line for political correctness? What goes just a little to far? At this point in time, one of the most prominent places of aforementioned “political correctness” is on college campuses. To achieve the ideal of being all-inclusive, college students are walking on egg shells to make sure they do not insult someone based on their race, gender, or mind-set. One example of this going slightly too far would be an occurrence at the University of St. Thomas, Minnesota. In 2014, there had been a planned Hump Day celebration which would allow students to pet a camel. However, a Facebook group soon popped up that was protesting the camel for various reasons, one being that it showed insensitivity to

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