Persuasive Essay On Pollution

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We live in a world that offers so many things to us. A home, food, water, life itself, yet we don 't take much care of it and are destroying it instead. The presence of pollution has been around for such a great amount of time now that you would expect us as humans, to start noticing the mass destruction we are causing and start doing something about it. Glaciers are melting, water levels are rising, the water and air around is being polluted if it 's not polluted already. There is little being done to try and stop or at least slow down this fatal event. If we do not start taking care of our own home, we will soon be left with no home at all, and the only one’s we can blame for that, is ourselves. One of the many things that has been…show more content…
This has been done over and over again throughout the years. All though plastic is biodegradable, it takes an average of 450 years for it to do so. Some bottles can take up to 1000 years for this to happen. By that time our planet will not be able to support such thing and will give up on us. Plastic usually breaks down into smaller and smaller pieces of plastic over the years before it to fully biodegrade. These tiny pieces of plastic are eaten by so many marine animals that live around them and every single animal that eats these tiny pieces are affected by it and many times die. All these tons of plastic don’t just disappear or get eaten by the animals though, they accumulate. The great pacific garbage patch is an example of this happening. This area is around 7 million tons heavy and twice the size of texas, it can also get 9 feet deep. Facts say that there is 6 times more plastic than plankton. In case you didn 't know, plankton is the main food for many animals living in the ocean, from small fish to the great whale shark depend on plankton to stay alive. The great coral reef is an example of what the pollution in the ocean can do. The great barrier reef is considered the largest living thing in the whole world. All though it’s considered pretty young, it is around 500,000 years old. The reef is located off the coast of Northeastern Australia. Every part of the reef takes a couple of thousands of years to be formed. It is one of many beauties that nature has to

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