Persuasive Essay On Poverty

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Have you ever been through a situation where you don’t have anything to eat or anything to rest your head on when it’s bedtime? This is an example of someone who would be living in poverty. Poverty is when a person or a group of people are extremely poor, these people would have little food, shelter, and education. More than 3 billion people live off of only $2.50 a day (nearly ½ of the world's population), while 1.3 million people who are living in extreme poverty are only earning $1.25 a day. As for children, 1 billion of these kids are living in poverty. These children who are in poverty, “Are at higher risk for poor health and more likely to have learning difficulties, behavioural, social and emotional problems.”. No one in this world should have to go through a situation this big, even though these people have so little. In this following paper, I will give you multiple reasons, facts, and examples to prove my overall argument: Poverty is a cause to many children’s downfalls. One reason why poverty is a cause to many children’s downfalls, is because many of these children commit suicide. There are many children who are in poverty that have it so hard, they can barely take it to the point where they may want to kill themselves to stop the pain. Evidence shows, “Poverty has been to shown to increase suicide risk, but location plays a big role as well.” This means, while these people who are going to live in a wealthier society who already have less to spend on higher
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