Persuasive Essay On Poverty In America

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Poverty in America is greatly known all around the world. For many years the nation's education levels of children during school and insurance is a huge pillar that holds up poverty in the U.S.A. As a country we have not done enough to overcome poverty. Even with new organizations being formed to help with enhancements of education, like the America Gives More Act, the nation hasn’t made the Early Warning Systems or have improved influences for college saving plans.
According to the Huffington Post, forty-five million Americans are living in poverty. The U.S. has attempted to decrease this by enhancing the education system and bettering insurance costs for struggling families. The America Gives More Act was apart of advancing the U.S. This restored and expanded three charitable giving incentives such as food inventories, conservation easements, the IRA rollover, as well as streamline the foundation excise tax stated in National Council of Nonprofit.
Community College to Career Fund Act was passed so Americans with low-income are able to get the training they need for better paying jobs. The Fraken.Senate.Gov document implies that community colleges are harshly unfunded compared to four year colleges, and this Act will create a grant program that will increase funding. Better funding comes better training, which means better jobs and pay, which then decreases poverty for many Americans.
The Community Investment and Empowerment Act described on GovTrack is

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