Persuasive Essay On Presevo Refugees

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“I am helping this baby and her father to get to a drier place after a long night of heavy rain, some children almost drowned in tents while their parents are desperately trying to seek for help from the police.” says Andrea Francesco Ermanno Giuliano, a volunteer from Hungary who is helping the refugees at Presevo, Serbia. Several thousand refugees every day are waiting in the rain and cold for hours in front of the refugees reception center in Presevo, a town in southern Serbia near the border with Macedonia. Due to the slow process of the registration and the lack of adequate resources, the refugees are forced to stand still for hours under the rain, the cold and lack of shelter. “Parts of Presevo are flooded due to the heavy rain, dozens of houses are under water. The refugees situation on the streets -to say the least- is very dramatic. I do not understand there is no any media coverage to this tragedy,” says Zarka Radoja, a web…show more content…
The only doctors available are inside the registration camp. The police who controls the entrance of the registration camp kicked out the volunteers who are bringing half naked, trembling and purple-lipped children to the only medical facility available because they need to ‘stay in the line and queue like everyone else’,” says Andrea Francesco Ermanno Giuliano. The refugees are standing in a dirty water, up to their knees. People are wet, cold and tired. If they leave the waiting line, they have to join the queue at the very end again. A woman reported that she lost her pregnancy, children were found alone in flooded tents. “Somehow I feel that the European Union is expecting us the activists and volunteers - to take care of the refugees situation. They should solve this instead of waiting to act at the last minute, only because they can no longer ignore the problem in front of their faces. This is a shame,” says Andrea Francesco Ermanno
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