Persuasive Essay On Proposition 63

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A person never knows if their life’s base between life or death, when there is a terrorist out in the community willing to come out and kill many citizens for no apparent reason. Proposition 63 would regulate the amount of ammo a gun should have and have no more guns with large magazines. With large magazines it is easier for a terrorist to kill more people in less time, but with proposition 63, ammo would cut off shortly for a gun owner and have their background checked to buy ammo or a gun. Will the ammo shorten would have an impact on every gun owner, but would be better because no gun owner would have to have a gun with more than ten bullets in their magazine unless they have a good reason or profession that required to have more than ten bullets in their charger because if they do not the people trying to buy the product have bad intention to use the gun and large amounts of bullets. Proposition 63 would have a good impact on cutting off bullets because there are many people out in the community that should not have a gun with them, because they do not have a good intention when having a gun. People in favor of Proposition 63 agree that preventing weapons…show more content…
Being able to stop a person with a gun and prevent him from doing a crime would add up to saving thousands of lives. Stopping crimes that can happen at any moment, when people have full access to purchasing ammo or a gun can lead and would most likely end up being used for crimes that when least expected they will occur. Crimes are actions that are not planned and would be done when less expected and all starts when a person purchases a gun or ammo without a background check and with proposition 63 we would have less ammo roaming around and would have a small decrease every year people get caught not having the right requirements to purchase what they need to do harmful
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