Persuasive Essay On Pros And Cons

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“You dirty Jews!” the officer yelled at her poor neighbors. “You don't deserve to be here! Now you're going to work until your body rots!” Rosalie watched in complete and utter horror as her neighbors were beaten and dragged the rugged truck and thrown in like they were rag dolls. Her body was dumb. Just dumb. ¨How can I not help these people? I see this happen every day and i just go home and act like none of this is going on. I have to do something.” Rosalie walked through the thick crowd of staring people home to work on a way to save at least some Jews left in her small village of Heidelberg, Germany. That night Rosalie sat in her bed staring at the ceiling thinking that about what she was going to try to do. Back and forth with herself she thought about the pros and cons. ¨ Pros are if I do I will possibly save lives, and I know that it will be tough so this journey will make me stronger as a person. On the other hand the cons are if i get caught I will be killed along with the Jews I decide to save and I won't be able to show the Nazis that they can be stopped.¨ Rosalie kept thinking and she just couldn't find the courage. ¨ I can't do it I just can't do it. I'm not strong enough or wealthy enough. But if I don't help how can I live with myself?” Rosalie thought puzzled. Seconds later she was asleep with only the innocent in mind. The dawn of morning awaked Rosalie, and she knew what she had to do. It was now or never. Rosalie knew of one family left in her
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