Persuasive Essay On Prosecuting Cyberbullying

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Prosecuting Cyber-bullies: Should The States and The Federal Government Pass an Anti-bullying Legislation to Target Cyberbullying?

The great majority of antibullying legislation says that, for a situation can be considered

intimidation or aggression, it has to repeat harassment with the intent to harm a person, whatever

it is physically or emotionally. Like other kind of aggressions, cyberbullying is the worst, using

electronic devices as computers, laptops, cell phones or other digital instruments in order to

affect the integrity of a person.

Cyberbullying can represent itself in many forms. One of the could be Cyber harassment,

which means that an aggressor can send hurtful e-mails, text messages or instant messages to

their victims. Another form that cyberbullying can take is impersonation, in which cyberbullies

show themselves to be their victims online in order to destroy the victims' reputations. And the

third one is Cyber denigration occurs when a cyberbully spreads untrue information about

someone on the internet, or electronic post embarrassing details, altered photo or videos of that person.

According to the experts of the cyberbullying research center in Florida, cyberbullying is

different from physical bullying in several ways. First of all, a cyberbully can to act

anonymously by creating a fake profile on a social networking site. The potential of being

someone without identity online can embolden bullies while intensifying victims'

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