Persuasive Essay On Racial Profiling

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Racial profiling existed back in the 18th century when black slaves were abused and oppressed by white men even those who didn’t own slaves. Throughout history, racial profiling still continues to be a controversial issue today. It’s practiced everyday. Racial profiling means using an individual’s race or ethnicity against them of committing a crime. This means oppressing other races to feel inferior and accusing others to a certain stereotype. Racial profiling is when a black person in ripped jeans and a dark hoodie walks down an alley and is accused for committing a crime that the person has never done. Police Departments practice racial profiling indiscreetly and defend for its use for the “safety of others” or a “necessary good.” Since…show more content…
These types of apps passively promote racial profiling that creates the mindset that a different neighborhood from the individual’s own community is “dangerous.” However, the issue of racial profiling can be viewed from a different perspective. Pro-racial policing supporters claim the “GhettoTracker” is effective because it distinguishes actual danger or “ghetto” neighborhoods. A statement from the New York Police Department states “insist that these stops of innocent people… help fight crime. And they insist that the policy is not racist” (Herbert, 13). The police department “insist” that their policy are not at all racist; however, many incidents and cases involve minorities being stopped and frisked for committing a crime they did not do. Although police departments may believe their policy “is not racist,” it’s clearly seen in incidents that these stops of innocent people based on majorly on their race proves these stops are not to “help fight crime,” but racially profile minorities. The N.Y. Police Department claim that the “stops of innocent people” reduce criminals. Although it may be true, it’s undeniably increasing the practice of racial profiling and defending it as a necessary safety protocol. It’s not a safety protocol when there’s unnecessary harassment and disrespect involved. Police officers value these apps for the safety of residents, but how can it be safe if it violates the safety of innocent minorities? Eventually,

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