Persuasive Essay On Racism

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Racism is a long and everlasting issue that has been facing America and other countries for over hundreds of years and will continue to be a problem if we continue to let things like this happen. Recently the topic of racism had sparked up again when a rally full of neo-nazis, white supremacist and Klan's members started causing a commotion when a monument depicting Robert E. Lee was being taken down. This event has caused an uproar among people who believe racism is wrong and people who feel as if it's the only history. Racist monuments like these reflect a dark moment in American history and have caused an adverse impact towards minority groups and have brought a dark past and resurrected it to a newer generation. These monuments have been a face of oppression and discrimination for over hundreds of years; their primary purpose was to show that these southern leaders were powerful and no one can stop them especially to people of color. Ilya Somin is quoted saying,” The vast majority of monuments to Confederate leaders were erected to honor their service to the Confederacy, whose main reason for existing was to protect and extend slavery”(Right and Left on Removal of Confederate Statues). They represent hatred and bigotry because these men felt as they were superior to the black man and didn't give them a chance to express themselves. Fast forward to the 21st century, these monuments are still up, loud and proud, for everyone to see and witness all the power the
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