Persuasive Essay On Racism

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It has come to my attention that the rampant rage of racism still persists within the world we live in today. Black mothers are still grieving for their sons, bleeding in the streets from the bullet of a cop, young black girls are being suspended from their schools due to the nature of their hair, and candy in a sweatshirt pocket is still somehow perceived as a skillfully concealed gun. White people still use the ‘n’ word in every other sentence, yet beg to say they aren’t racist. Seeing as the civil rights movement has now stretched from 1954 to 2017, I am confident that many will agree to its end. I have created a proposal that will push us further toward the long awaited end of racism, and I hope that someday we are able to move forward with this possible solution in mind. It is within these next words that you will find an idea that I can modestly say is quite brilliant. To cure the ignorant white supremacists that in some way still dominate the nation, to fulfill the reality of those who say “Oh, well, I don’t see color” or “I don’t believe in race”, those who continue to deny any variation in culture and identities of the human race, I propose that we blind them. You ‘don’t see color” do you? Well, with this new enforcement of blindness will merge one’s willful ignorance to oppression of people of color with the way in which one literally lives. I’ve designed this to invite several social, economic and even political benefits that I’m sure will please each party.

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