Persuasive Essay On Raising Minimum Wage

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There has been much debate recently on the topic of raising the minimum wage as the ‘Fight For 15’ movement to increase the minimum wage has gained a large following. Although this topic has been very hotly debated the views of those supporting the hike are clouded and muddled. This topic affects the everyday lives of most citizens in the United States and also affects the American Economy. The raising of the minimum wage interferes with the free market economy, leads to higher unemployment, and hurts the American economy more than it could possibly help.
Firstly, the argument of many supporters is that no one working full time should not be able to get by on their wage. Obama stated in his inauguration speech that “no one who works full time should have to live in poverty”. This is a fair point that Americans should be able to live of their wage, however not all Americans have jobs in the first place. America has one of the highest homeless and unemployed rate of all time right now. The reason for this is quite simple; a high minimum wage restricts those men, woman, and even their children for ever having the opportunity to find a jobs. “Right now there are people… who cannot find work simply because they’re skills are not worth $7.25 an hour” (“Abolish the Minimum Wage” 28). What should those people do? They would have no way to earn any wage if the minimum wage is raised even higher. So in the process of trying to creating a better living wage for people there in turn
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