Persuasive Essay On Rape

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“Stop.”, “Stay silent.”, “Just pretend that you’re somewhere else. Pretend that you aren’t getting sexually assaulted, or raped.” This is the all too common issue women go through in their minds, trying to block out the events that are occurring with them. Rape is an extreme issue, affecting over 280,000 Americans each year (RAINN). In numerous cases of rape, alcohol plays a factor in the sexual assault, either altering a victim or the perpetrator. The idea of alcohol and rape has become a controversial topic in society and court, determining the outcome of sexual assault cases. Because of this, the use of alcohol should play an important role in the cases, due to the fact that it inhibits proper decision making, sets a dangerous precedent…show more content…
The brain is a unique part of the human body. Researchers are finding new information regarding it, everyday. When alcohol is consumed, it disrupts the normal function of the brain and its effect on decision making. Consuming alcohol affects how neurons send off messages. Specifically, the glutamate in alcohol “infiltrates the glutamate receptors in your synapses, hurting their ability to send off their normal "fire" messages.” (What Alcohol Actually Does to Your Brain and Body). This occurrence affects a person’s muscle control, speech, coordination, and judgement. (What Alcohol Actually Does to Your Brain and Body). When someone decides to participate in sexual activity, it might not necessarily be their own decision. Due to the fact that alcohol affects many functions of the brain, women who are under the influence are not in the right state of mind to comply or agree with sexual activity. In a recent survey, it was found that forty-seven percent of college women who were raped stated that they were unable to resist sexual activity as a result of their own alcohol use. (Top Ten Facts about Sexual Assault and Alcohol). Women should not be punished for their actions when under the influence. Instead, alcohol should be factored it to the case against the perpetrator, because the victim had a blurred recollection of the events taking place. In this modern age, men will do anything to get farther with or have sexual interactions with a girl. This can mean slipping date
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