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“Sorry ma’am there just isn’t enough to bring this case to court” a statement that millions of victims of sexual assault, and rape must hear from the justice system. They must live the rest of their lives knowing two truths; first being that they were sexually assaulted and or raped, and the second truth being that the assailant was set free and may victimize more people. It is difficult to believe that even in modern times that this is happening, yet the truth of the matter is that these victims are truly being failed by the justice system. Usually a big issue with sexually assaults are usually they boiled down to “she says – he says” because of there’s no real tangible evidence of what really took place of the encounter. First and…show more content…
I also believe credibility become a big factor too because many women do come fourth with these accusations and explain the pain and trauma they went through. Then there quick to take large cash settlements which they sign off on and agree to not ever proceed with this legal issue again. For example, in many high-profile cases like Kobe Bryant, R Kelly victims were paid to go away even the though the accusers remain their innocence throughout the case. Then there’s the bill cosby case victims are reporting from everywhere and many of these encounters taking place years ago and there’s probably no evidence that still exists of these rapes taking place.
In many of these cases it becomes to look specious when these victims are beginning to stack up especially when large settlements are handed out. Even though when there are DNA evidence begin supported once again It becomes a she says he says the accuser commonly claim the sex was consensual and not a crime. In many cases the accusers are not strangers to the victim this is also another major factor in which were victims don’t report these crimes, because of the shame and embarrassment it may cause the family internally things such as trust issues and the accuser and victim having to see each other often. Victims are also reluctant to report rape because sometimes they

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