Persuasive Essay On Reckless Climbing

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Impulsive Mountaineering ¨He who learns but does not think is lost! He who thinks but does not learn is in great danger.¨-Confucius, a Chinese teacher. Every day there are many helicopter flights into mountain base camps to rescue the reckless climbers. People ranging from age 13-80 years old set a goal to climb Mount Everest, and unfortunately, some of these people pay for their thoughtless actions with their lives. There have been hundreds of deaths due to bad weather, lack of oxygen, the short time span, and the lack of skill. This is a problem because many of the climbers aren't at the right skill level and sadly end up paying with their lives. Also some of these climbers who challenge themselves and end up calling for rescue services cause the deaths of rescuers too. People should not have the right to rescue services when they put themselves at risk the second they start climbing that mountain.
The first reason people should not have the right to rescue services is that climbers are starting to become thoughtless with their risky decisions because they know there are rescue services, and disastrously their lives are being taken away. “There have been over 230 deaths on Mount Everest.”(Source 2: Lines 10-11). The average of mountaineering deaths is 25 deaths per year! “Perhaps 200 dead bodies remain on the mountain.”(Source 2 Line 15). I believe it is very pitiful that many people are dying because they try something they normally wouldn't do because they know there
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