Persuasive Essay On Recycled Water

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Did you know that the average American household uses 400 gallons of water per day? With most of it being used in the bathroom for bathing, toilet flushing, handwashing and brushing of teeth! Other common uses for water include laundry, dishwashing, drinking, cooking, car washing and even watering of lawns. Where does this water go? A small portion will go back into the earth but most of it will flow through a sewer system heading to a sewage treatment plant to eventually be reused. In California, we get our water from a surface water source, coming from a river, lake, or reservoir. With the yearly average amount of rain and snow at 30 inches and shrinking per year, this makes water recycling a priority in today’s efforts on conservation. So, what is recycled water?
Recycled water is former wastewater that has gone through a process to remove contaminants so that it can be used for other purposes such as irrigation for crops and landscape (“Water Recycling and Reuse”). Another source of recycled water is gray water, which “is reusable wastewater from residential, commercial and industrial bathroom sinks, bath tub shower drains and clothes washing equipment drains” (“Water Recycling and Reuse”). The treatment process includes three steps, first any solids are removed from the water. Secondly, microorganisms are added to the water to eat dirt particles and as they get fatter, they’ll fall to the bottom of the tank, leaving cleaner water rising to the top. Lastly, water is

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