Persuasive Essay On Recycling

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Recycling has been around for many years along with the idea behind not being wasteful, however it has only recently become popular to take part in. Even with recent growth it has not become popular enough. The solution to overflowing landfills, unemployed Americans, toxins released in the atmosphere, et cetera. It is right before everyone’s eyes but no one seems to see the simple solution: recycling. A mandatory recycling policy would ensure that the environment is being saved for future generations, the soil is suitable for crops, people are employed, and the cash flow that comes with it does not hurt either. With such a simple fix to mass environmental destruction, why is this not already in action?
Money encourages everyone. Money is
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The economy will benefit from the available jobs in the recycling industry encouraged by the new policy in effect. As people say ‘money talks’ and money is telling people to recycle.
The environment is suffering from abuse. There are overflowing landfills, unsanitary water, and streets towering with trash. There is not anyone to blame for this abuse but mankind. The environment is home to animals, America’s children, and loved ones. Why would anyone in their right mind do harm to such a place? The actions of the people could harm not only the generation on earth now but all the generations to follow. The environment is easily damaged however it is even more easily saved. Plastic bottles and aluminum cans can easily be melted and reused instead of being thrown away. Paper, saving trees, can be reused at recycling plants as well. Acid rain, illnesses, and lowered crop production are all side effects of air pollution. By recycling, less products need to be made in factories which cuts down on the amount of pollution caused by factories. Recycling is a vital factor in preserving and supporting the earth. In order to have a healthy atmosphere there needs to be a common preservation practice in action. That common preservation is simply a mandatory recycling policy. Earth’s natural resources are limited. One simply can not continuously harvest the benefits of natural resources without coming to an end
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