Persuasive Essay On Reform In Immigration

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Today in the United States the constant debate on whether or not immigration laws should be tightened or loosened has left many Americans upset and angry. Many immigrants turn to the United States in their desperate need for employment to support and feed their loved ones back home. While others come in search of a better life whether to avoid violent streets or for a better paying job to move up the social ladder. Today they are about 11 million undocumented immigrants currently residing in the United States and many Americans fear that they are causing crime and stealing American jobs. In this fear we deport undocumented immigrants thinking it will make things better. Barack Obama said “We are a nation of immigrants. We all understand what this country has become because talent from all around the world wants to come here, people who are willing to take risks, people who want to build on their dreams and make sure their kids have even bigger dreams than they have” (Obama). If Immigrant hands are what built up this thriving country of ours, why are we deporting them? Why should we decide on whether or not someone stays in this country solely by the country of their origin or how they got here. If we as Americans are afraid of immigrants “Taking” our jobs I believe deportation is not the solution. I believe that reforms in immigration should be along the lines of creating a temporary worker visa program and reinstating DACA. This will not only benefit the immigrants in the
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