Persuasive Essay On Refugees Research Paper

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Refugees have been going into other countries for a plethora of years, for reasons, such as escaping from a tyrannical government or just for safety. In Europe the Schengen Visa, allows transport throughout parts of Europe. “The Schengen Area is comprised of 26 countries that have agreed to allow free movement of their citizens within this area as a single country,” (SchengenVisa). Also, “Of the 26 countries bound by the Schengen agreement, 22 are part of the EU (European Union) and the other 4 are part of the EFTA. (European Free Trade Association)” (SchengenVisa). The safety reasons that the refugees would be escaping from are, war, persecution from their government, and natural disaster. One main law that protects refugees is called the International refugee law which, “ is a…show more content…
As stated by the immigration group in 2015, “Canada was ranked number one out of the top ten countries as having the loosest ended regulations on refugees.” Although less strict regulations should be applied to countries, an open door policy should not be adapted by countries. An open door policy would be detrimental because there would be too many people coming into countries. Another critism of stricter regulations is that the people is that the governments would be denying the refugees the rights they have as being a human and a refugee, which need protection. Countries like Denmark who have strict regulations are at fault to denying people their rights as human beings or refugees rights like those stated in the International Refugee Law (International). Less strict regulations should be put in place around the globe for refugees. Further research would have to be conducted in areas like how dangerous the refugees really are, background checks would be the solution to this. Also, research into countries that border places like Syria, who are experiencing a very serious problem with their government and citizens leaving, and how much the
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