Persuasive Essay On Religion

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Religion was discovered back in 2000 BC and is even considered to be a trait common to all human cultures worldwide to this day. Some use religion as a way to cope, to connect, but few could use religion to exert hate onto others. In the name of religion, over 195,035,000 lives have been claimed in tragedies. Despite this, the cruelties religion has placed on people had also caused others to come together in order to speak out. As a result of religions regression in society, humans are still able to progress in order to defend human rights. Christianity is one of the largest religions to stand with more than 2.22 billion followers. However, not all Christians feel the same on certain issues, whether it may be political or morals. An example would be the Westboro Baptist Church; a hate group known for its hostility towards those who do not meet up to their standards, specifically members of the LGBT, Catholics, American soldiers, and Muslims. The church originally received national attention in October, 1998, for picketing the funeral of a man named Matthew Shepard who was beaten and tortured for being gay. Romaine Patterson, a friend of Shepard’s, recalled that she couldn’t take her eyes off of the neon signs that reading, “God Hates Fags”, “Matt in Hell”, and “AIDS Cures Fags”. From there, the church had displayed Shepard in their memorial section on their website. The page states that the church does not support the fact he was murdered, but that they picketed in order

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