Persuasive Essay On Reverse Racism

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On a collage campus a student is forced to remove his confederate flag from his dorm window because other students complained about the racist history of the flag. The 18-year-old man fought for his right to keep his flag saying it wasn’t racist. Authorities retaliated until the school realized the student was black (Black Student wins fight to hang Confederate flag in dorm window). Was this Racist? Probably not because he was black but if he was white he would have been forced to remove the flag. Is this not an example of reverse racism? Reverse racism is a common problem that causes many majorities to be shamed, harmed, or hurt by minorities.

White on black racism is a big thing right? Yes there a many many examples of racism caused
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“Illegal entry into the country [Mexico] is equivalent to a felony punishable by two years’ imprisonment,” (How Mexico Treats Illegal Aliens). This shows an example of how in America it is considered racist to kick illegal immigrants out but in Mexico the illegal immigrants are punished for their crimes before they are sent back. “Mexico is doing the job Arizona is now doing — a job the U.S. government has failed miserably to do: putting its people first,” (How Mexico Treats Illegal Aliens). A country should put it’s own people first and one way to do that is to stop illegal outsiders from reaping the benefits of a foreign country without the proper legal permissions. When a white male calls an illegal alien a criminal he is still called racist even thought the simple fact the the ILLEGAL alien entered this country ILLEGALLY makes him a criminal immediately. The fact that many Americans want the illegals gone just proves they are a hinderance to the country and it’s people. This is not racist this is an example of a countries people wanting their rights as a citizen of that country. The people that argue against illegals are still called racist because they want what is right. This shows that a minority is over protected which gives them an advantage over the majority. How is it right to cause hardship for a citizen of America just to protect Mexicans that have entered the country illegally. America must put their rightful
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